I received my first donation for Graphite last night, and that made me start thinking about it again, which I haven't done in a while. Turns out it is listed on Apple's Dashboard site, though under the "Networking Security" category for some reason. Oh well.

The reason I haven't been thinking about Graphite is that I hit a roadblock with my attempts to add zooming and scrolling to the graphs. Scrolling is all done, but it turns out that numbers and dates don't zoom well together. To keep the numbers somewhat readable in a small space, e.g. "90K" rather than 90,001, I can only zoom numbers by factors of ten. But for dates, the best zoom factor is two, and even that's not perfect: 1 month, 2 weeks, 1 week, 3 days, 36 hours, etc.

But last night I realized that rather than changing the values of the end points on the graph, I can just move the them until they match up with a more readable label. So if that graph goes up to 90,001, I can just move the top line down a pixel or two, and still label it accurately as 90K. Now that I've realized what probably should have been obvious a long time ago, I just need to implement it, which I will hopefully get done this weekend.


Graphite 0.5 is released. I added support for decimals, and removed the "beta." I'm going to submit it as widely as I can now. I've been putting this off in an attempt to catch bugs before most people ever use it, but I'm not getting much feedback anymore, so I need some more users. First stop: Apple's site.


0.4 beta fixed a bug in 0.3 beta that made nothing work (oops!).

I'm excited about the comments I've been getting over on the Dashboard Widget showcase. Even though that version is completely broken, the few people who went to the trouble to fix it themselves seem to really like Graphite.


I just posted Graphite 0.3. It makes the process of creating a graph about as simple as possible:

  • Open a site in Safari
  • Open a Graphite widget's info by clicking the 'i'
  • Click 'Discover URL' to get the URL of the frontmost site in Safari
  • Click 'Discover Text' to get a list of numbers on that site
  • Click the number you want to graph to get the approriate search text for that number
  • Click 'Done'

This is simple enough that I'm ready to start submitting Graphite to various widget sites. I think I'll hold off on Apple's widget list until I get some feedback and polish it up a bit.