That was in response to “I don't write much anymore”, which describes a feeling I relate to, but which doesn’t entirely explain my own lack of writing. And after trying to explain another part of why I don’t write, I realized it’s pretty easy to deal with. I’ll just give you a quick recap and then you’ll know everything about me. Or at least close enough that I can write again without feeling like you have no idea who the author is.

So let’s see… I just adopted a kid. Really just, about a week ago. That’s new. And my job title is now Vice President. That’s different. And what else? I stopped writing music for a while, but then I got a piano and now I’m slowly getting back into music. But maybe not with the kid? Who knows.

I stopped caring much about electoral politics, I think mostly because politicians generally reward caring by asking for more money and I don’t like to think about how much money has broken democracy. I guess I’m generally a little less certain about stuff.

Over the last few years, I’ve thought several times about a post I once wrote about trying to stay true to reality, which I ended with a question about how we know what is real, and a promise to return to that. I thought at the time I might invest a little time into thinking about that and come up with a good answer, but I still don’t know.

There’s something about getting multiple perspectives to fill in missing holes in reality, but how do we know which perspectives are right and which are wrong? I don’t know. That hasn’t really changed; I never knew. But now, I also don’t really care. If the people I’ve chosen to trust are all wrong and I’m living in a manufactured reality that is internally consistent but still wrong — actually, not even if. That’s almost certainly the case, and I’m okay with that.

Um, what else? I started buying and selling stocks and it turns out I’m pretty good at that. Mostly Apple, but others too. I’ve played a bit with iOS app development. I realized at a concert that I can no longer sit “indian-style”, which I just now realized is a potentially offensive term. I’ll have to look that up.

I realized recently that I can’t actually read all the blogs I’m subscribed to, but don’t really have a solution to that, meaning I still want to be a person who reads them all. Oh, I now help run, which combined with my Vice President title at a well-known Drupal-using company gives me a weird sort of authority in the Drupal community, where I still feel like an outsider.

That’s maybe enough for now. Basically I’m older and dumber. Maybe I’ll write more now. But I’m not making any promises. Because I don’t know.

Update: Ha, my blog still does XHTML validation. I totally forgot caring about that; I guess that’s another thing that changed. Took me longer to validate the markup on this post than it did to write it. Maybe I’ll turn off the validation before I write more.

I didn’t realize I hadn’t written anything here since September until I read it in a post by my brother Kevin. I would have responded earlier, but I’ve been kind of busy lately, as Kevin well knows, since he’s been making me busy. Specifically, I’ve been buying a house, starting a company, and trying to hire a coworker while doing the excess work I need a coworker to share at my day job. Before explaining why I think Kevin is only half-right about his theory that bloggers are looking for better jobs, I should probably explain some of that.

Let’s start with the house. Kevin and Jackie came to Denver last November and stayed with Jessica and I for a couple weeks while they looked for, and until they could get into, their new apartment. While walking their dog around the block, they noticed the triplex just behind our current rental duplex is for sale. I think Jackie jokingly said something like “we could all buy that and move there.” After talking about it a bit more, it didn’t seem so ridiculous. So we started looking at different multi-unit housing for sale around Denver.

I don’t even know how many places we’ve looked at by now, but it’s a lot. We just made our first offer on a place yesterday, and we should get a counter-offer in another hour or two today. The specific house we’re offering to buy is… wait for it… the one just behind our current rental. We’ll know soon if we’re buying that or continuing to look.

So now the company. While Kevin and Jackie were between jobs, and to a lesser extent since they’ve both found jobs around Denver, they’ve spent a lot of time helping out with Playing Here. As a result, the site is crazy busy now, which means it takes even more work to maintain. So now we need more people to do this work, and — lacking volunteers — we need to pay these people. To do that, we need an actual company with a tax ID and limited liability and a business bank account and whatnot. So now we have all that as Make Data Make Sense, LLC, as well as a vague business plan for sustaining and growing the site. We should know in the next six months or so whether or not this plan will work out.

So I’ve been looking at houses and working on Playing Here most nights and weekends. By day, I continue to work as a web developer at The Integer Group, which I can’t link to without disclaiming that I didn’t make the website. Since I last wrote here, I’ve lost two part-time coworkers, which sucked because I’d only been less than six months and suddenly I was responsible for everything web related. But I’ve been working on some fun projects and it looks like I’ll have another co-worker or two soon. This will be my first experience as the senior member of a team, so that should be interesting.

So back to Kevin’s suggestion that bloggers are looking for better jobs. I think that’s only true to the extent that people looking for better jobs have time to write, either because they’re unemployed or because they don’t have enough interest in their current jobs to spend any more time than necessary on that. Bloggers are just people who have time to write. I wrote about this about 4 years ago (back when I didn’t bother with capitalization) in because i have ample free time. Specifically, I said:

what makes bloggers more elite? having computers for one. and having free time to read and write. heck, having electricity. what doesn't make bloggers more elite? doc's suggestion that "it doesn't take ample free time" is simply not true. it does take ample free time.

I still think that’s true. And while people looking for jobs is one group that has ample free time, other groups include professional writers (e.g. Doc Searls) and students. I started blogging as a student, but I continued blogging through my first several jobs out of college, up until this one. And while I do like my current job more than any previous job, I also liked my previous job more than any before that. I wasn’t really looking for this job when it appeared, so that’s not why I kept writing.

But why did I keep writing then and stop just recently? I think there are several factors, but the main one is that I wasn’t as busy when I was writing as I am now. But with everything making me busy promising to come to some resolution relatively soon, it looks likely I’ll be less busy soon, so maybe I’ll start writing more again, even though I still won’t be looking for a better job.